TTT: Run a Race

Tonight, I would like to single-handedly thank Lady Gaga for getting me through all 3.1 miles of the Hoboken Party with a Purpose 5K. It was 95 degrees, there were only two water stations, and I was quite certain that I was going to pass out cold on the pavement…

…but then “Marry the Night” came on my playlist, I channeled my inner Warrior Queen, and I crossed the finish line strong.  Well, strong for me.  Which I’m proud of!

Isn’t this the most beautiful finish line backdrop ever?

I’ve been running for pleasure for a long time, but this was my very first official race.  And certainly not my last!  If I can run in that heat, I’m pretty sure I can run in anything.  Dare I say it was actually fun?

Plus, all the Vitamin Waters, Clif Bars, and fruit that I stole from the finish line totally paid off the race registration fee.

What did you cross off your Bucket List this Top Ten Tuesday?

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17. July 2012 by Alyssa
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  1. you’re kind of amazing. In this heat!? Are you joking!?!?

  2. Can’t believe you ran in the heat! I ran on the treadmill last night, even that was brutal with air conditioning!

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