TTT: Pizza & Gelato in Italy

I took Italian class for 7 years throughout middle school and high school.

Today, as I stepped foot in Italy for the very first time, I realized that I learned absolutely nothing in those classes — except how to order food.

Priorities, people!

True Story #1:

My 9th grade Italian teacher gave me my first and only detention in high school because I called her out for having a lazy eye in front of the entire class.

True Story #2:

My 10th grade Italian teacher was certifiably insane. He used to reward us for answering questions correctly by giving us Barbies that he’d ripped the heads off of. He would also tell us terrifying and morbid stories about death and make us translate them in English.

One time, we ordered 10 pizzas to our classroom door under his name and he flipped out on the delivery man. He also had an actual mental breakdown in class one day and had to be escorted out of the school crying.

Good times.

Anyways, FOOD!
IMG_3205 IMG_3206
A Top Ten Tuesday, indeed. Buona sera!

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16. April 2013 by Alyssa
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Comments (3)

  1. at least the trip had some perks 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that story about your 10th grade teacher is too funny. I have a theory that language teachers are always the weirdest…my high school German teacher was definitely a few french fries short of a happy meal!

    🙂 Liz

  3. i literally laughed out loud at true story #1. bahahahaha. that’s something i would do. i was always brutally honest in my younger years and always felt it was my job to state my opinion about everything. age has taught me how to control such urges. haha. oopsie! 🙂

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