TTT: Intro to Spinning

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

Last night, my friends and I took an Intro to Spinning class at Dubspot, better known as “DJ School.”

From the Dubspot website:

Hands-on and interactive, this DJ class will introduce you to the equipment and basic techniques of DJing.

About This Course:

Create your first 2 song mix and see what really happens behind the booth!  At Dubspot, you’re not just watching a class, you’re actively participating using your very own full DJ setup.  Intimate classes with no more than 12 students per session.

What You’ll Learn:

How a DJ setup works
Basic overview of the turntable/CDJ, mixer, and headphones
The proper technique to scratch and play a vinyl record
An introduction to digital DJing
How to count beats
“Dropping on the 1”
How to perform a basic mix/blend of two songs

To kick off our Spin Session, we were asked to go around the room and introduce ourselves by first name, favorite genre of music, birthdate, and official DJ name.

DJ White-Hype getting in the zone:

The first half of class was spent learning about the equipment in front of us and how it was all used to create music.  Our instructors, DJ Reborn and DJ OP, were knowledgeable, patient, and understanding of our very, very beginner level.

DJ DinoTone giving it a whirl:

During the second half of class, we were given a bit more creative freedom.  We were told to pick two songs with the same BPM – beats per minute – and get to work on mixing them.

Do you even have to ask what I started with?

After we had all gotten comfortable with our individual music mixes, it was time to perform.  Our execution had to include spinning Track #1 while simultaneously dropping in Track #2.  It was not as easy as it sounds, I promise!

We went one-by-one, and were all given supportive and constructive feedback on our technique or lack thereof.

All in all, our experience at Dubspot was one to remember.  My only complaint was that I wish our class could have been longer!

If you love music, digital technique, or are just looking for something fun to do on a Monday night, I would definitely recommend getting some friends together to spin!  And, if you do, let me know.  I might just have to crash.

Dubspot DJ School
348 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10014


PS. The Bucket List was updated today!

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  1. what a cool & unique experience, so jealous!

  2. This is AWESOME. I am SOOOO jealous!!!! When I visit NYC i’m putting this on my “to do” list. I’ve always wanted to be DJ, i have my name picked out and everything! DJ Shoup! There it is.

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