Things to Do in NYC

New York City.  The concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  Are you a first time visitor looking to explore?  A long time resident looking for something new?

Here is my running list of things to do, places to go, people to see in the Greatest City in America:

1. Japas 27:  All you can eat sushi and karaoke.

2. Mugler Pop-up Shop:  A walk in Gaga’s closet.

3. The Submission:  A thought-provoking Off-Broadway show.

4. The Drink Olympics:  You and your liver have been warned.

5. The Staten Island Ferry:  Two words — it’s free.

6.  Ninja:  Watch your back at all times.

7.  Death & Company:  Are you afraid of the dark?

8.  The Biergarten:  Sausage and pretzels and beer, oh my!

9.  Dubspot:  Release your inner DJ.

10. The Meatball Shop:  Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.

11. Just Keep Moving:  Time to break a sweat!

12. The Drybar:  Get yo’ hair did!

13. Ducks Eatery:  Stuff face with nuts!

14. Toro NYC:  Have a religious experience with corn on the cob.

More to come!

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