These Are My Confessions

I have a few confessions to make.

1.  I went on Facebook.  

I’m sorry!!!!!!!  I had to do it.  I felt out of touch with the world.  I wanted to share engagement pictures and fundraising successes and “like” a few random statuses just for the hell of it.  But I promise it’s out of my system now and it won’t happen again until after Easter.

(Please don’t hold me to that.)


2.  The Devils suck and it’s all my fault.

Hear me out.  The team started off this season so strong.  We were #1 in the Atlantic Division AND in the Eastern Conference for a while there.  And then, something happened.

Remember when we took a secret road trip a few weeks back?  Probably not.  Well, my friends and I decided to rent an SUV and drive to my dad’s restaurant to surprise him for dinner.  We arrived in town earlier than anticipated, so we decided to make a pit stop at Short Hills Mall to kill some time.*

*And when I say “kill some time” I really mean “try to start a riot by telling random passers-by  that Jessica Simpson was just seen shopping in the Louis Vuitton store.”


At one point, I noticed Frank and Joey acting shady — huddled together and creepily peering behind their shoulders.  When I asked them what was going on, Joey whispered:


It was true.  Elias.  In the flesh.  Standing right behind us.

“Do we say hi?!”

“NO!  He’s with his daughter!”

“But we have to say hi!”

“NO.  We can’t.  He has a big game tomorrow.”

“We’re going to the game, though!  Let’s tell him we’re going to the game.   Let’s wish him good luck.”

“Should we?”

“Yes.  Wait.  Maybe.  No.”


This back-and-forth between the three of us must have gone on for at least twenty minutes.  We followed Patty around the mall like idiots — trying to play it cool but clearly failing miserably.  In the end, we decided to leave him alone.  We thought it was the noble thing to do.

“If they lose tomorrow, it’s all because we didn’t wish him good luck.”

The next day, they lost.

And, to be perfectly honest, they haven’t really won much since then.

So, there you have it.  The Devils suck and it’s all my fault.


3.  I officially give up on Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day.

It never ends well.  I’ll leave it at that.


4. The Swedish House Mafia concert made me feel old.

There were naked teenagers running amuck in Madison Square Garden on Friday night.  I had to refrain from screaming out “PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON” several times.  It was awkward.

Even though we all felt a little bit like chaperones, it was still one of the best nights ever.


What do you have to confess today? Spill.

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05. March 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. You know what? I said I was going to do no dessert for lent and it lasted for about 38 seconds. You’re stronger than me. I gave up facebook once and it wasn’t a good choice for me (right before college- prime time for making friends). It’s fine. And it’s not your fault they lost- they should have worked harder so you could stop 😉

  2. I lie about how good of gas mileage my smart car gets. It really isn’t spectacular, but I feel like I need to justify having such a stupid car by saying it gets 40-50 mpg.

  3. I love that you’re blaming yourself for how the Devils are doing.. that is totally something I would do. My dad is one of the most superstitious people when it comes to sports – his shirt-hat-belt combo is obviously what makes the Syracuse basketball team play well. I’ve never made it to a Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m always so sad when I see everyone else’s pics from it.

  4. my confession: i spent more time this weekend watching say yes to the dress than i did studying for my spanish midterm…yikes!!!
    ps- i definitely sang the title of this post when i read it (usher style)

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