These Are (More Of) My Confessions

1.  Am I the only one who thinks that everyone is over-reacting over Miley Cyrus’s risqué VMA performance?  Guys.  She’s only 20 years old, for crying out loud.  What do you expect from her?  If she wants to twerk around in her latex hot-shorts, then so be it.  She’s not hurting anyone.  And she’s certainly got the body for it.  If anything, we should all consider ourselves lucky that the dumb stuff WE did in our younger years hasn’t been flaunted all over the Internet.  Cut the girl some slack.

Besides, if my dad was Billy Ray, I’d probably rebel too.

(Sidenote:  I actually saw someone tweet using the hashtag #PRAYFORMILEY yesterday.  That girl got an immediate unfollow.  Here’s a thought — try praying for something that ACTUALLY matters.)
2.  Back in the day, I had a serious crush on Lance Bass.  I remember going to my first *NSYNC concert and screaming “MARRY ME LANCE!!!!” at the top of my lungs when the boys first took the stage.  If only I knew then what I know now

3.  Frank and I pre-gamed the VMAs… at Applebees.  How embarrassing are we?  Please don’t tell anyone.

4.  Speaking of Frank, I must confess that we haven’t done a legitimate Fridays with Frankie D post in WEEKS.  That will all change this Friday.  You have my most sincere promise.  I hope we haven’t lost our fans forever.
5.  Before this weekend, I hadn’t seen my best friend from college in OVER A YEAR.  Unacceptable on so many levels.  Thankfully, I was able to make a quick trip to Boston on Friday night to see her and catch up over Wicked at the Boston Opera House and Boloco Burritos.

(Sidenote:  Why has no one told me about Boloco before?  Sara, I’m talking to you.  Talk about a life-changing Mexican food moment.  I may never be the same.)
6.  At any given moment, I’m probably thinking about Mexican food.  See #5 for confirmation.

7.  My parents are in Napa Valley right now and they didn’t invite me and I think that’s really rude and I would be EXTREMELY mad at them if Christmas wasn’t just a few months away.

What are your confessions?  What did you think of Miley’s VMA performance?


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27. August 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. ok so we are so similar. i was madly obsessed with clay aiken in middle school. like as in my screen name on aim was aiken4clayalways. and when i saw him in concert, i cried. YEAH. ABOUT THAT. what’s embarrassing is back then everyone told me my crush was a waste of time and they were ALL RIGHT.
    i have seen boloco a thousand times in boston but have never been b/c i always seek out something more foodie. maybe i should change that.
    applebee’s = cheap pregame. no judgement.

  2. I agree that everyone is overreacting. Her performance actually made me like her even more.

    I also always think about Mexican food (a burrito away from a happy day).

    I was much more of a backstreet Boys fan. I cried when “I Want It That Way” came out. brb going to download it again.

  3. boloco is good, but chipotle has stolen my heart.


  4. I’m still jealous that Miley got to be that close to Robin Thicke. Not fair.
    Why pre-game at an expensive place when you can get the same effect at a cheaper place? No judgement here!

    I am beyond excited for the return of FWFD!!

  5. THANK YOU. i think miley knew exactly what she was doing. the weirder = the better. More publicity. duh.

    • RIGHT? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I definitely don’t think she’s necessarily a “good role model” for young girls. But spending 5 days bashing her? What kind of lesson is THAT teaching anyone? Accept it and move on.


  6. If I had Miley Cyrus’ body I would totally wear a latex bralette and panties… who am I kidding, I would probably wear a latex bralette and panties FREQUENTLY. I am all about supporting her too- she’s pushing the envelope and trying to kick the whole Disney princess thing. I say good for her!

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