The Girl

I’m Alyssa.
I’m 27.
I work in New York City.
I love the Big Apple, but my heart will always be in Jersey.
I love red wine and Mexican food.

My life is weird sometimes.
I love it.

Want to chat? Email me!

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  1. Your photographs are seriously gorgeous. Snippets of joy, mixed with Gaga’s wisdom. I’m a fan.

  2. I’m OBSESSED with your blog! I love the photos, stories, and reading about your life in NYC! So glad I found it! 🙂

  3. Just found your blog through ablyssa – your photography is amazing. I used to live in Hoboken – I live about 10 minutes from there now but I am always in town! 🙂

    • No freakin’ way! Small world. Next time you’re in the mile city, let me know! Froyo date, with extra sprinkles! I just found your blog last week and I’m hooked. 🙂

  4. Hi!! Love your pics and stories♥

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