The Ebb and Flow of Life

We all have those days.

You know — those days when you wake up and just know that the next 12-16 hours of your life are going to be absolutely miserable.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe you’re homesick. Maybe it’s the pile of work on your desk that you’ve yet to touch. Maybe you really miss someone that doesn’t miss you back.

Maybe it’s all of the above. (Sucks to be you.)

Life is like an ocean. There are ebbs and there are flows. There are periods of high-tide and periods of low-tide. There are waves that sweep in and catch you off guard; knocking the air out of your lungs and sending you tumbling backwards. There are playful dolphins and there are bloodthirsty sharks. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

When the current of the sea overwhelms you, don’t give up. There will always be someone watching over you; ready to swoop in and rescue you the second they sense any trouble or danger.

You just have to trust them.
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28. May 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. Sending a BIG hug your way. xo

  2. I feel ya girl, though you described it much more beautifully than I ever could! Much love! Xx

  3. Post couldn’t be more timely. Love the inspiration – thank you!

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  6. Stumbled across your blog when I searched “the ebb and flow of life” on google. I decided to read it when I saw your brief “about me” on the side of the page. I can relate to your interests. Loved your analogy! Thank you for your thoughts! It’s always reassuring knowing you’re not the only one going through life’s ebb and flow.

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