The Bucket List


Volunteer in another country. (5/20/08)
Win a car on “The Price is Right.” (11/4/08)
Be a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” (11/18/08)


Sit front row at New York Fashion Week. (9/15/10)


Cross the Brooklyn Bridge. (1/8/11)
Get a picture or quote posted online. (1/16/11)
Complete an eating challenge. (1/16/11)
Travel somewhere I’ve never been. (1/21/11)
Get a food dish or drink named after us at a bar. (2/6/11)
Get on the radio or on television. (2/15/11)
Sit front row at a Lady Gaga concert. (2/19/11)
Get kicked out. (3/4/11)
Road trip. (3/22/11)
Volunteer to make a difference. (3/15/11)
Buy flowers for a stranger. (4/5/11)
Get on a train with no destination in mind. (5/19/11)
MEET LADY GAGA. (8/18/11)
Meet Jennifer Aniston. (10/5/11)
Camp out overnight for something. Anything. (11/14/11)
Get my picture on Terry’s Diary. (11/23/11)
Go to a professional football game. (12/11/11)


Sell a piece of original artwork. (1/5/12)
Spend 12 hours in a bar. (1/15/12)
Take a picture of Big Ben, up close and personal. (3/23/12)
Euro-trip. With lots of wine. (3/25/12)
Vineyard wine tour. (4/21/12)
Photograph an engagement. (5/11/12)
Take a class to learn something new. (6/11/12)
Hike to the summit of a mountain. (6/23/12)
Eat at The Meatball Shop in NYC. (6/26/12)
Take a picture of an exotic animal. (7/1/12)
Go kayaking. (7/6/12)
Run a race. (7/17/12)
Go to a postseason Major League Baseball game. (10/10/12)
Get a picture or quote published in print. (10/31/12)


Eat dinner at Chart House. (2/14/13)
Eat pizza and gelato in Italy. (4/16/13)
Reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with. (4/20/13)
Photograph a wedding. (6/8/13)
Sing at an open mic night. (6/29/13)
Have a drink with the mayor of whatever town we’re in.
Crash a wedding.
Go backstage.
Ask a stranger to perform a karaoke duet.
Homebrew beer and throw a party with it.
Go on a hot air balloon ride.
Audition for something you’ve never done before.
Be an extra in a movie or television show.
Polar bear plunge.
Pretend to be a tour guide.
Become a YouTube sensation.
Get a book published.
Break a Guiness World Record.
Attend a gay wedding.
Touch the bean and eat deep dish pizza in Chicago.
Wear something designed by Alexander McQueen.
Take the boys to a Lady Gaga concert.
Go skydiving.
Take a yoga class with the boys (wearing retro 90’s gear).
Visit one of the seven wonders of the world.
Get another tattoo.
Ride in a helicopter.
Experience weightlessness.
Be in a Broadway show.
Go camping.
Surf in California.
Go to a jazz bar in New Orleans, preferably during Mardi Gras.
See the Northern Lights.
Go zorbing.
Own a home.
Win money gambling in Las Vegas, and spend it ALL on partying there.
Trapeze School.
See an original piece of Banksy artwork. (10/15/13)
Go to the Olympics.
Eat at a Man vs. Food restaurant in every state. (NY, PA, ME)
Eat a Cronut. (11/17/13)
Nose pick Mount Rushmore.

(Updated 6/24/2013)

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  8. I love these – some of these are so outrageous but yet you’ve managed to complete them – win a car on the price is right?… YOU ARE MY HERO! i need details of this stat, as it’s a dream of mine hahah whatever job you have it, i want it. i want your life. (not in a creepy way, but in an insanely jealous way, of course.)

  9. There’s totally a hot air balloon deal on groupon right now. Also, I want to take that photography class with you…

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  18. How are you, Alyssa! Is Arminio your family name?

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