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TTT: Banksy in NYC

Today, I stumbled across THIS in TriBeCa: An original Banksy, right here on the streets of Manhattan.  How incredible is that?  It was definitely one of the coolest “NYC moments” I’ve experienced thus far — and it made me miss LONDON! … Continue reading

15. October 2013 by Alyssa
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TTT: Sing at an Open Mic Night

Because it just wouldn’t be a Friday night in New York City if it didn’t end circa 3:00am at a gay bar in the West Village singing Elton John at open mic night. “And you can tell everybody, this is … Continue reading

02. July 2013 by Alyssa
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Miley Wrote a Song About Us

“THIS IS OUR HOUSE.  THIS IS OUR ROOF.  AND WE CAN’T STOP.” Yes, I just quoted Miley Cyrus.  Stop judging me. I think it’s safe to say we had ourselves a most perfect little weekend, with the exception of some … Continue reading

23. June 2013 by Alyssa
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TTT: Intro to Spinning

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Last night, my friends and I took an Intro to Spinning class at Dubspot, better known as “DJ School.” From the Dubspot website: Hands-on and interactive, this DJ class will introduce you to the equipment and … Continue reading

12. June 2012 by Alyssa
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August 18th: The Day I Hugged Lady Gaga

On Thursday, I got to spend an hour in the same studio with someone that you may have heard me mention on here once or twice before… Yes, Lady Gaga.  And yes, I just about died.  Funny to think that my … Continue reading

20. August 2011 by Alyssa
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TTT: Make It Happen

“Is this real or am I dreaming?” I realize that this is an entirely lame Top Ten Tuesday post but, unfortunately, I can’t give you any further information.  Take my word for it when I say that, this week, I … Continue reading

12. April 2011 by Alyssa
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