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Road Trip

We woke up this morning and decided to rent an SUV. Why? Why not! PS. I’m not currently tweeting but, if I were, I’d tell you all about: – How dope our Mexican dinner party was last night. (Frank made … Continue reading

17. February 2013 by Alyssa
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Five Things Friday, Part III

1.  I gave up social media.  This isn’t going to be easy.  Please call, text message, and/or e-mail me a lot so I don’t miss out on anything.  I’m serious.  I’m already going through withdrawal.  I feel so out of … Continue reading

15. February 2013 by Alyssa
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This Changes Everything

“Power is not given to you.  You have to take it.” Beyoncé is my spirit animal. This I know for sure. That is all. Goodnight.

16. January 2013 by Alyssa
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3 Great Things You Need to Know About

Alternative title for this blog post: GIRL POWER. 1. A Body Revolution:   I apologize if you are sick and tired of reading about Lady Gaga on my blog, but this movement is too great not to share.  (Especially since … Continue reading

26. September 2012 by Alyssa
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Now Playing: Playlist 3

A perfect Sunday morning requires a few things. For starters?  Mimosas. Next?  A solid FaceTime session.  Or two. And, most importantly?  Music. Pop some bubbly and enjoy! 1. 1+1 / Beyonce — This isn’t a new song by any means, … Continue reading

09. September 2012 by Alyssa
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I Was Here, Part II

This Beyonce performance hit the Internet last night and I literally cannot stop watching it.  It’s an odd coincidence really, seeing as I first posted these lyrics exactly one year ago to the day. Chills. This woman can do no … Continue reading

19. August 2012 by Alyssa
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I Was Here

“I want to say I lived each day until I die, And know that I meant something in somebody’s life. The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave, That I made a difference, and this world … Continue reading

18. August 2011 by Alyssa
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Ready for Those Flashing Lights

This weekend, Jimmy came to town. Before he even got here, we both made it clear that we were on very strict budgets. However, as with anything and everything that Jimmy and I do, there were clearly exceptions. What were … Continue reading

15. August 2011 by Alyssa
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