Parchment Paper Salmon

I have a confession to make.

I’m a terrible cook.

(I’m also a terrible baker, as you already know.)

A few nights ago, I asked Frank if he would teach me how to cook salmon.  Eating scrambled eggs and broccoli for dinner every night was getting a bit depressing, and I knew it was time to branch out.

Frank happily agreed and, last night, we threw a little dinner party.


SalmaCon 2013

Starter: Prosciutto, goat cheese, cantaloupe, honey and arugula bites.

Main Course: Parchment paper salmon with carrots, onions and tomato.

Side Dish: Sautéed broccoli rabe with cremini mushrooms.

Dessert: Does wine count?

IMG_8389 IMG_8392IMG_8395IMG_8402IMG_8404IMG_8406IMG_8409IMG_8411IMG_8416IMG_8419IMG_8424IMG_8425IMG_8429IMG_8433IMG_8432IMG_8439

Bon appétit!

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11. January 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. What a meal! I’m not a talented cook either… a.k.a. I could REALLY use a roommate like yours 🙂

  2. wait, where do you meet these kind of friends? The best most of my friends can do is take a beer out of the fridge…

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