Nick + Anna

This weekend, I had the great honor of shooting a most special set of engagement photos.
What made them so special?

Meet:  Nick + Anna, my big brother and new sister-to-be!
A couple of weeks ago, I received a strangely abrupt text from my mom that just said “call me.”  She had been feeling under the weather all week, so I immediately panicked and assumed that something was wrong.

I called her right away, asking her if she was okay.

“Alyssa, your big brother bought a ring.”
I stopped in my tracks, right outside of the Christopher Street Path station, and promptly screamed my head off.  I’m pretty sure that several residents of the West Village filed a noise complaint against me that night.

But I didn’t care, because NICKY WAS GETTING MARRIED!

And I was FINALLY going to have a SISTER!
To say that I was excited would have been an extreme understatement.
When it comes to family, all we ever want in life is to see each other truly happy.  Well, the joy that Anna has brought into my brother’s life has been enormous, and I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect girl for him.

She has been a blessing in all of our lives.
And, maybe I’m biased because we share blood, but Nick is quite a catch.  He sets the bar very high for my future husband.  I am proud to call him my brother.
Nick and Anna support each other, encourage each other, and bring out the best in each other.
My only selfish complaint about them is that they live too far away.
To the happy couple, CONGRATULATIONS!  I couldn’t be happier for two people if I tried.

Here’s to new beginnings, fall weddings, and what is bound to be the celebration of the century.  (As discussed, please be sure I’m seated at the table closest to the open bar.  Thank you.)
“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time.  There are too many mediocre things in life.  Love shouldn’t be one of them.”
Is it September yet?!

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12. November 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. Congrats to them!!! So exciting!

    Also, can I get reengaged and move to the northeast so you can shoot my engagement pictures? These are amazing, girl!

  2. beautiful photos. they’re seriously awesome and i love that you got to do this for your brother and your sister-to-be. it’s so wonderful to watch loved ones find their partners in life.

  3. That last picture is incredible! Congratulations to your brother!!

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