Miley Wrote a Song About Us

Yes, I just quoted Miley Cyrus.  Stop judging me.

I think it’s safe to say we had ourselves a most perfect little weekend, with the exception of some Friday night nausea that put me in bed at 10pm.  I forgot how much Hoboken blossoms in the summertime!  I certainly don’t hate it.

Three years later and this view still gets me every time.  FREEDOM!
I spent my weekend in two places.

Place #1:  Rooftop.

I finally got to spend some significant time up on the rooftop — better known as CLUB 522’S URBAN GARDEN.  Despite the fact that it was as hot as a monkey’s butt up there, I got some color on my pasty skin and the views were pretty incredible.  (Once again, FREEDOM!)  The added bonus was that I somehow convinced Frank to spritz me with a spray bottle full of ice water on command.  WHIPPED.
Place #2:  Pier 13.

I’m starting to think this place is too good to be true.  Day drinking on a pier with music and friends and the most incredible view of the New York City skyline?  Please never make me leave.  And yes, my diet this weekend consisted of Mango Beer and Luke’s Lobster Rolls.
How was your weekend?  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
PS.  The Bucket List has been officially updated!  It’s been a while since I’ve crossed anything off of that bad boy.  I was doing SO good for a while there, but I’ve definitely been slacking.  As of last night, I’ve decided that my next great mission in life is to go to Mount Rushmore and pick some serious nose.

Dream big, guys.  Dream big.

The latest and greatest nosepick, a la DJ Dinotone:

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23. June 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. I want a rooftop like thaaaat!!

  2. Remember that one time you were coming to Croatia with me?

  3. Awesome rooftop! I live in Jersey and your blog is reminding me that I don’t get to Hoboken enough!

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