Lindsey + Charlie

Meet:  Lindsey + Charlie.
The best way to describe these two lovebirds?

Lindsey is a PR powerhouse and Charlie is an extremely talented producer.  Forces to be reckoned with, that’s for sure!
I had the great honor of working with Lindsey for almost two years after I graduated college.  At the time, PR was a completely foreign world to me, but Lindsey took me under her wing and selflessly taught me the ropes.  There were MULTIPLE times when I thought about giving up, but she was always there to talk me off the ledge.  A true friend, indeed.
And Charlie?  I have only the nicest things to say about him, as well.  He’s talented, he treats LB like gold, and he throws a MEAN annual Christmas party.  My kinda guy!
Oh, and he proposed on a HOT AIR BALLOON with THIS ring.  I know.  I can’t either.
img_7590Here’s to a future filled with happiness and romance.  May your journey always be red-carpet worthy and, most importantly, always lead you to each other.
I can’t wait to celebrate the big day with you two.  The countdown is on!


For more photos » click here!

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20. July 2013 by Alyssa
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  3. What a wonderful tribute to Lindsey and Charlie and the pictures are GREAT. Msry Mello brown

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