Let’s Catch Up

I tend to stop blogging when my life gets seemingly too dull and boring to write about.

The past few months, however, have been QUITE the exception.

Let’s catch up!

You may recall how much I LOVE the month of October, so it should come as no surprise to you that I made the most of it.  It started off with festive drinks and a Sunday devoted entirely to baking, continued with round TWO of pumpkin carving and several rounds of Cards Against Humanity, and ended with five pounds of fake hair and seashells securely fastened to my head.
Nothing should surprise you anymore.

November started off with a bang when Alex and I struck GOLD (once again) by winning tickets to the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, headlined by Lady Gaga.

Did you know I love Lady Gaga?

I have issues.
The award show was billed as a 90-minute, anything-goes concert made up of a series of music videos, all shot in sequence.  LIVE.  In one room.

Are you confused?  I was there and I’m STILL confused.

It was one of the weirder days of my life.  Not only were we forced to stand outside in the freezing cold for hours upon hours while being herded like cattle back and forth from the venue, we were also “recruited” to be in one of the live music videos…

And told that we needed to wear these.
Yes, that is a full body white jumpsuit.  With a hood.

I think my parents worry about me and my life choices.

It was all worth it when we got to stand front row for Lady Gaga’s performance.  Weird, yes.  But her vocals still gave me chills.  You can watch her performance of “Dope” HERE!
That same week, my cute little roommate LIZ turned 26!  We celebrated with an at-home, do-it-yourself Mimosa Bar. So “Pinterest” of us, I know.
When I was home a few weeks ago, I found this adorably sweet picture of Liz blowing out the candles on her 16th birthday cake.  I can’t believe that was TEN years ago.  Time flies, and it freaks me out.
Old friends are just the BEST friends, aren’t they?

Perhaps the most exciting life update I have for you came in the form of a lime-flavored Ring Pop:
I’ve never said “YES” so fast in my life.  Prepare yourself for a million wedding related posts from now until September 27th, 2014.


Your turn!  Tell me things!  What have I missed? 

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19. November 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. well you know you’ve missed nothing with me. but i love this post not only because i never heard about the youtube awards (how odd that sounds) and i also just right clicked and opened in new tab all your gaga posts. off i go..

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