Introducing: NYC Food and Travel


I have been keeping the biggest secret from you EVER.

But, as of this evening, the cat is officially out of the bag.

I can finally share the good news with all of y’all.

Drum roll, please…



Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 11.28.14 PMRemember when Frank and I collectively decided to give up social media for Lent?  Well, I spent the majority of my extra time reading sad books about death and heartbreak — don’t ask — but Lank decided it was time to start working on his new baby, NYC Food and Travel.  Please go check it out and give him some love.  He has been working so hard on it and it looks absolutely AMAZING!

PS.  Have no fear.  Fridays with Frankie D is NOT going anywhere!  (Frank knows that I’d set fire to his room if he ever tried to pull a fast one on me like that.)

PPS.  Please take note that it’s 11:45pm on a Sunday and Frank and I are trying to teach each other HTML coding by using our arms to show each other what keyboard symbol we are talking about.  Those who blog together stay together, right?

PPPS.  I probably should have gone to bed 2 hours ago.  Whoops.

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28. April 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. Because I really need another blog to read. Thanks a lot, Frank. (But really, I love it)

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