Fridays with Frankie D: Volume 19

There were LOTS of shenanigans over at Club 522 this week.

Let’s start with Wednesday morning, when I awoke to the sound of the fire alarm blaring at 5:00am.  I came out of my bedroom to find Frank in the kitchen.  In his boxers.  Making pizza dough.  Before dawn.


Greg soon emerged from his room to see what was going on.  He was wearing a VEST.  I thought it was a joke so I laughed for a solid minute.  I soon found out that it was NOT a joke.  It was his actual chosen outfit for the day.  Oops.

I’m probably going to be homeless soon.

Then there was last night, when our neighbor was having problems with her fire alarm so she called upon the Dream Team (Frank and I) for help.  As we left our apartment, I noticed something.

“Frank, wait.”



He looked down.

“Oh my gentle Jesus.  We are.”

We really shouldn’t be allowed out in public together.

On that note, happy Friday!  Frankie, over to you.



Buon Venerdi, bellissima!

This post was particularly difficult to write only because the number nine on my keyboard is broken.  The number nine is in my phone number, my credit card numbers, my work log-in, and my social security number.  The number nine key also happens to be the left parenthesis, which is probably my most used symbol besides the right parenthesis.  (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled “parentheses” just to copy and paste the left bracket.)  (My life is sad.)
We are coming off of a one-of-a-kind type weekend down in Ocean Grove, and I can’t wait to get back down there today.  Be sure to tune in next week because FWFD Volume 20 — yup, TWENTY — will feature a meal of epic proportions that Tom and I are preparing for  his parent’s friends.  And yes, there will be new tank tops.  Is it weird that I have fresh mint, whole wheat flour, mixed spices, dried figs, and my 7-inch Santoku knife in my bag right now?  No?  I didn’t think so either.
I apologize for the lack of official recipe last week for BaconFest 2013, but I actually wrote the post from my phone on the beach and WordPress was just not cooperating with me.  (I know.  What a terrible problem to have.)
Random Thought:  Does anyone else always spend a minimum of $40 every time they walk into a CVS or Duane Reade?  I went to CVS on my way home yesterday to buy deodorant and a Vitamin water for Alyssa, and I ended up spending $41.  Granted, I came away with some super high powered 85+ SPF sunscreen for the scars and some new post-shave lotion, but seriously — for $41 I could have gone out to dinner (maybe).  This might only happen to me, but I don’t think I am ever more perplexed than when I am standing in front of 57 different types of deodorant and I don’t know which one to choose.  It’s pretty difficult to come to a solid conclusion when you’re deciding between smelling like “Cool Rush,” “Extreme Blast,” or “Sport.”  I’m not sure what “Extreme Blast” is supposed to smell like, but I don’t want any type of blasting when I’m sweating profusely on my way to work in the morning.  I think I’m going to start my own deodorant line titled “Don’t Smell Like Crap” or just “Mmmmm.”

Anyways, CVS is Hell and those “self-checkout” machines are the devil.  “Yes, all of my freakin’ items are in the bag and no, I do not want to wait for assistance.”

But I digress…

What are you making at your next dinner party/celebration of life?  That’s right, HOMEMADE FLATBREADS.
We aren’t messing around this week my friends.  We’re talking dough-from-scratch, four different types of cheese, fresh figs, and a whole ‘lotta meat.  As I mention on my site, I was  hesitant to make homemade dough because I never thought I would pump out a quality product.  How foolish I am.  I was putting homemade dough up on a pedestal, but this week it needed to be conquered.  I woke up at 5am on Wednesday to make the dough because you have to let it sit and rise for at least an hour before you can put it in the fridge to chill.  (I know, I’m insane.)
Dough recipe » HERE!

As you can see from the picture below, I ended up having a little too much fun with the dough.  That’s right; I spun that ‘ish like an old school pizza maker.  Life-long dream accomplished.  What’s up now, Mario Batali?
This was an incredibly fun meal to make because, besides some slicing and dicing before our friends came over, it was a highly interactive meal.  I put the ingredients on the counter, rolled out the dough, and let everyone have at it.  As long as you slightly pre-cook the dough before adding any toppings, you can really pile as many ingredients as you want on top.  I included a lot of different options in the post, but I suggest you just make some game time decisions based on what you’re craving at the time.  Of course, Tom ended up making a meat lovers flatbread that consisted of just hot sopressata, prosciutto di parma, bacon, and a soft-boiled egg.  Needless to say, it was
Seriously though, how good are the pictures this week?  Alyssa absolutely killed it on the camera.

(Thanks, Lanky!)
I know I’ve written about how my meals induce food comas before, but this one definitely takes the cake.  On our post-meal walk, Tom goes:  “I feel like the dough is still rising in my stomach.”   Nothing that a little vino and a comfy bed won’t cure.
Here’s to creating something out of nothing.  Here’s to having to walk off your dinner.  Here’s to south-bound trains in the summer.

Keep that belly full and just DOUGH IT.


Flatbread Fiesta » Recipes HERE

Musical Pairing:  Holy Grail – Jay-Z featuring JT
Wine Pairing:  Gabbiano Chianti Classico 2008
Keep Calm and Dine On,
Frankie D.

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Comments (11)

  1. I usually limit CVS spend to approx. $39.

    • It’s easy to limit yourself to $39 at CVS when you spend $$$thousands$$$ on your Lord’s Chairs, Delvy.

      Wuv you.

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  3. Umm yes I spend a ton of money whenever I go into CVS. I’ll walk in to print photos, buy $30 worth of stuff, and walk out without even printing any photos because I was so distracted by all the things.
    Way to make me absolutely starving! This food looks a freaking mazing. Pizza is my fave food so yeah, done and done.

  4. Target takes all my money. And then I get home and I’m like, what the fuck did I even buy? Oh you know….4 pints of Ben & Jerrys because it was “on sale.” Necessary.

  5. I have a problem with overspending at the grocery store. Go in for bananas, come out with enough to feed a family of four for a month. The flatbreads look freaking amazing, and I cannot believe you got up at 5am to make dough, the Obama’s would have to be coming over for dinner for me to get up that early to cook!

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