August 18th: The Day I Hugged Lady Gaga

On Thursday, I got to spend an hour in the same studio with someone that you may have heard me mention on here once or twice before…

Yes, Lady Gaga.  And yes, I just about died.  Funny to think that my close encounter with her on Hudson Street happened exactly one month before all of this went down.  If you had told me then that, one month later, I’d be one of 50 people sitting in an intimate MTV studio with her, I would have laughed in your face.  If only I knew what was in store!

To be honest, I thought that my first encounter with Lady Gaga would evoke some lenghty, well thought-out blog post from me.  The truth is, I’m speechless about the whole thing.  I got to hug the person who has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration over the past two years.  It may sound stupid but, if you really know me, you’ll understand.

There was a moment just before the interview started where they raised the black shades on the studio windows, revealing hundreds and hundreds of Gaga’s fans absolutely packed into Times Square.  Since we had been quarantined inside the studio for quite a bit of time, I don’t think any of us realized just how many people had come out for this occasion.  You would think that someone of Gaga’s stature — someone who has sold out The Garden in a matter of seconds and can’t even leave her hotel without tripping over fans — would no longer be phased by this.  However, you could tell that she still got genuinely choked up by the scene.  Her dreams had come true, and the thousands of fans lining the streets below us were proof.

For me, seeing her take in that crowd was the most powerful moment of the night.  It forced me to realize that, even though I may not always feel good enough or smart enough or pretty enough, I musn’t lose sight of my biggest dreams.  None of us should.  One day, our very own black shades will rise to reveal that we had a crowd of our own cheering us on all along.  That crowd may not be big enough to shut down Times Square, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

One day, I’ll be blessed enough to have the chance to sit down and actually talk with Lady Gaga.  Until then, I couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of such an incredible moment in her career.  And to have finally checked off #1 on my Bucket List.

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