A Season of Change

Change is in the air, my friends.

My plaid shirts have been resurrected from the depths of my closet, I’ve broken out my fall-scented Yankee candles, and Sundays are once again dedicated to football, beer, and a plethora of greasy food.

Anyone who doesn’t love this time of year is certifiably insane.

The temperature isn’t the only thing changing this fall.  As of next Sunday, I will officially no longer be a resident of Club 522.  I am SO excited for my new apartment, but I sure am going to miss this place — especially living with my best friend and our paper-thin floors.
To “celebrate” our last days together (I’m acting like I’m moving to Wisconsin but I’m really just moving 5 blocks away) we jam-packed our weekend full of fun sh!t.

Stop #1:  Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.
Smorgasburg is open every Saturday at East River State Park (on the Williamsburg waterfront) and features anywhere between 75 and 100 local food vendors.  Seriously, the amount of delicious food on display is overwhelming.  Deciding what to eat was one of the more difficult decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

I do not regret my final decision of a grilled cheese with sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions.  Thank you Milk Truck.
Frank’s grilled cheese had blue cheese and bacon in it.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t speak to each other for 15 minutes while devouring these bad boys.
The best part of the afternoon was watching little Alex devour this GIGANTIC sandwich.  Seriously, this picture doesn’t do it it justice.  It was massive.
And, yes.  She finished the entire thing.

JUST LOOK AT THAT FORM.  And then look at Danny struggling with his in the background.
Stop #2:  Barclays Center.
THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS FOR THE RETURN OF HOCKEY SEASON.  It may still only be pre-season, but I finally feel like my life has purpose again.

The Devils played the Islanders in Brooklyn on Saturday night.  It was the first NHL game ever at Barclays Center.  I didn’t hate it.

(I also didn’t hate the free photobooth on the top level.  We may or may not have made three separate trips there.)
The Devils won 3-0 and then we danced home in the rain.

Stop #3:  Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Feast.

Frank won two tickets to this all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink food festival on Sunday afternoon.  Three hours of eating crabs and drinking beer for free-ninety-nine?  Count me in.

Obligatory “nose pick” photo on our walk over…
Then it was HAMMER TIME!
(Please take a close look at the handle of my hammer above.  Yes, that is blood.  Yes, we had a casualty — my thumb.  No, this should come as no surprise to you by now.)

Sidenote:  Abita beer is amazing.  And I’m not just saying that because it was free and unlimited.

Okay, maybe I am.
After too much seafood and too much beer, we left and did the only thing we felt made sense at the time; we purchased CitiBike day passes and rode around the West Village soaking up the sunshine.

Stop #4:  10th Avenue and 22nd Street.
It was so much fun that I already know I’m going to experience FOMO every time I see someone jetting off to work in the morning on one of those cobalt blue steel bikes of joy.
One more epic “nose pick” to round out the day…
And there you have it.  A most perfect weekend celebrating “out with the old” and “in with the new” and ice sports and hipster things and family and forever friends.

And food.  Always food.


How was your weekend?  What was the last big change in your life?

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23. September 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. I am SO flattered to have graced the page of this post. #biggirlgottaeat

  2. Pretty much sounds like the best weekend ever. Frolicking the city, eating and drinking. And picking noses.

  3. dang girl!!! holla for the wisco shout out!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! 🙂

  4. ho-ly-mo-ly. you weren’t kidding when you said your weekend was so fun. that pic of your friend eating that a-freaking-amazing looking sandwich is classic because of your friend on the right riding the struggle bus and frank on the left getting his prime action shot. still so jealous of the crab fest. your grilled cheese looks amazing…grilled cheese from food trucks is often life changing so you made a good call. i almost said amazing call but realized that’d be the 3rd time i used that word in this comment. what a faux paus. seriously great weekend, so glad you had fun before a busy weekend ahead!

  5. That grilled cheese is really all I need in life.

  6. Almost tossed my keyboard at a coworker and walked out of my office…and then I read this, and everything is okay again.

    FWFD this week is going to blow people away.

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