A Long Weekend at The Stagger Inn

[Alternate titles include: “That Weekend We Listened to Blurred Lines 1,000+ Times,” “NO MORE PA-TATOES?” and “It’s Monday and Everything Hurts.”]
Another successful weekend down the shore has come and gone, and returning to reality has never felt quite so depressing.

All 13 of us headed to Ocean Grove on Friday, staggering into town throughout the afternoon.  It was Kay and Parker’s very first visit to the Jersey Shore, so we knew we had to show them a good time.

Challenge accepted.
I’ll share with you the PG-13 highlights.

1.  A Friday afternoon porch session that turned into a front lawn dance party.  (This was either The Bernie or limbo practice.)
2. Tom’s famous margaritas with their very top-secret recipe.  (Please ignore the fact that we look like we’re five in this.)
3.  Taco salad for dinner.  No pictures of our feast because we were too busy stuffing face.

4.  The girls FINALLY outnumbering the boys, for once in our lives.IMG_58355.  Wasting no time at Osprey with a round of Fireball shots.  Hurts so good.20130729-124318.jpg6.  A perfect beach day.IMG_58427.  Parker’s performance at the (appropriately named) Parker House.

8.  Happy hour and $2 beers.1016445_10100323423513542_1783043339_n
9.  A special surprise round of Five Hour Energy shots from our wonderful host as we geared up for Round 2.20130729-133940.jpg
10.  Bar A like I’ve never seen Bar A before.

11.  Water balloon fights.  Because clearly we haven’t aged at all since high school.IMG_5919
12.  And last, but certainly not least, spending three days in a row with my favorite people in the world.
How lucky I am…20130729-122219.jpg
How was your weekend?  Is anyone else as depressed as I am that the summer is ALREADY winding down?

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29. July 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. Um…fun!! Your life seems straight out of a movie to me. Probably because I live in Indiana, and it’s not exactly a vacation hotspot :).

  2. I have no idea why my name showed up like that the first time…oops

  3. This looks like the best weekend ever. Fireball shots, the beach, and a water balloon fight? Where do I sign?

  4. I love everything about this! I’m most definitely stealing your water balloon fight idea, I don’t think I’ve had one since I was about 12!
    I can’t believe how fast summer is going by! One of my friends mentioned to me today how a party we are having in two weeks may be the last summer party before everyone leaves and I’m still in denial about it! Atleast we have fall to look forward to right?! 🙂

    • It’s a good thing I LOVE fall or I’d be seriously depressed! At least I don’t have to go back to school? #SilverLining

  5. Five year olds drinking margs, CALL DA COPS. so i’ve never been to the jersey shore. take me? every post i read of yours makes me want to meet you and come hang and party and dance all night ALL THE MORE. seriously, let’s plan this. LOVE MY FIREBALL.

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