A Bunch of Random Feeeeels

My mind has been in a MILLION places this week.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to cohesively string together all of my random thoughts, but I’ve been unsuccessful.  As a result, you’re in for some WORD VOMIT.  Apologies in advance.


1.  Life is short.  Unfortunately, my family was abruptly reminded of that this week.  Thankfully, someone up there was looking out for us and everything will eventually be okay.  People aren’t always so lucky.  Moral of the story?  Don’t take life for granted.  Say “I love you” at every opportunity you’re given.  Don’t ever lose sight of what is most important in life.  Count your blessings, and count them often.

1.5.  If you are going to run/bike/jog/swim/walk/skateboard outside, PLEASE ALWAYS WEAR A ROAD ID.  It could save your life.  (This has been a public service announcement sponsored by Alyssa Arminio.)
2.  On Monday night, Frank and I had red wine and Nutella for dinner.  (I can’t wait until he emails me and tells me to take this picture down immediately.)
3.  During said “dinner,” Frank introduced me to some new jams which I LIT’RALLY can’t stop listening to.  The first one makes me want to “high five Jesus on a tequila slip-and-slide” — a phrase that Frank copyrighted a few months ago.  The second one is just some good, classic, old-fashioned Ear Sex.

Sharing is caring.  Enjoy.

4.  Did you know that the official definition of “LITERALLY” has been changed in the dictionary?  I literrrrally cannot believe it’s taken them this long.

(I bought this shirt for DiNardo a long time ago and now it no longer makes sense but that’s okay because nothing DiNardo does makes sense anyway.)
5.  This is my dream car.  Please note the unicorns.
6.  Last night, I went to see Donavon Frankenreiter at the Brooklyn Bowl with my gal pals.  It was some serious Throwback Wednesday music that brought me right back to my high school days.

I guess Liz was sad about it?
6.5.  Also, I don’t think I’ve officially announced it on here yet (!??!?!) but Liz will be one of my new roommates come October 1st!  (I can’t wait until Frank e-mails me about this official announcement with a giant sad-face.)  More details to follow.

7.  This morning, I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 9AM.  I made the mistake of booking the appointment using ZocDoc — better known as the YELP of the medical world.  Now, I really don’t want to hate on ZocDoc… but I’m going to do it anyway.  NEWS FLASH!  A doctor’s office is NOT a restaurant.  I don’t think that scheduling a physical should be easier to do than making a dinner reservation.

I’m not sure why I EVER thought it was a good idea to book an appointment with a doctor I’ve never met/heard of/seen/spoken to before.  This all became alarmingly apparent when I arrived HERE this morning:
Needless to say, I cancelled my appointment in .3 seconds flat and went sprinting in the opposite direction.

8.  I (not so) secretly HATE going to the doctor and I was pretty happy to avoid being poked and prodded this morning.  (YES MOM I KNOW I STILL HAVE TO GO I WILL GO NEXT WEEK.)
9.  See those headphones?  I broke them today.  THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.
10.  I don’t have anything else left to say but I absolutely despise the number 9 so I wanted to end this on a positive note.  (GET ITTT??  POSITIVE?!  BOTH NUMERICALLY AND FIGURATIVELY!  I am SO funny.)

Your turn.  Tell me something random.  Or tell me who the best doctor in NYC is.  Whichever you prefer.

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15. August 2013 by Alyssa
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  1. 1. I’m glad to hear everything is going to be okay with your family! Scary to think that you just never know what will happen tomorrow.
    2. That’s the sketchiest damn doctors office I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Random: a little girl that takes riding lessons from me asked me how old I was yesterday, I told her to guess… She said ” well, you must be atleast 52! ”

    I also, for the first time in my life, wasn’t asked for I.D at the liquor store earlier this week.
    Guess I’m looking really old this week!

  2. Hope everything is okay!! Your #1 scared me. However, I was dying when you showed the picture of the doc office. RUN, RUN FAR AWAY.

  3. yelp for doctors? that def shouldnt exist. yet i can see how it would in a city where people move and have no doctor and no idea who to go to. you are too cute in that selfie. i def wore a dress like that in newport. TWINSIES. what does your tat say? the #10 thing made me LOL. love you. manic comment done.

  4. tell Frankie that he looks like a dime in that picture. and also, Bastille is great and I actually want No Scrubs, so i loved that song.


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