26, A(nother) Guest Post from my Momma

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I say, sometimes a picture isn’t words at all, just something that quietly wraps you in a wave of emotions, and floods you with a sea of memories.  Then, of course, I am usually the one who ends up crying…. most certainly, though, those are tears of joy.

I can’t choose a favorite picture from my pool of my children’s photos.  That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child.  Because it is Alyssa’s birthday today, I can share some of my favorites, which tell just a small part of the picture story of who Alyssa is.  I’ll try to keep it under a thousand words…

1)  Here.  I.  Am.
2)  So overwhelmingly proud that she wanted to be just like her momma when she grew up.  Go ahead and laugh.
3)  Blessed.  All of us.
4)  Oh the Blankie.  That could be a long one… .all you really need to know is that it still exists.
5)  School.  Alyssa LOVED school.  The first day outfit, the teachers, everything.  Okay, maybe not all of it.  Not college.  But she never stopped making her parents very proud.  Ever.  Especially sitting in the principal’s chair at Adamsville.
6)  She has a whole song and dance story too.  Apparently, that was all about the money.  Or being a princess.  Or just singing her heart out, which I could listen to a million times and then some.
7)  Christmas.  Precious.  My beautiful daughter, our favorite time of the year You don’t really know Alyssa until you know how she feels about Christmastime (late October through the end of January…).
8)  Happy Alyssa.  This girl is her very own sunshine.  Her face lights up every room she walks into.
9)  If I had to pick one picture to tell Alyssa’s story, this might be it.  This is Alyssa.  Beautiful. Matching headband in place.  One eyebrow up and ready for action/trouble/adventure.  And you can’t really see, but the second button down was not buttoned.  A hot mess, but pulling it off and looking fabulous.  Happy, and ready for the rest of her amazing life to happen.  This is my daughter, and I love her more.  Happy 26th birthday Alyssa Leigh Arminio.
– Momma”

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16. March 2014 by Alyssa
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  1. Beautiful! The love of a mother is seriously so special…so unique and one of a kind. Happy Birthday girl! As always, your life is fucking awesome! Enjoy every minute of it.

  2. This is just beautiful. Such a great idea, to have your mom guest post on your birthday with childhood photos and sentiments for each. I love the last one the most…”hot mess” and “fabulous”. Ready for anything. So true. Alyssa you are a lucky lady to have such a great mom. But I know you already know that! Happy birthday and happy every-day :)

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