24 Things I Know at 24

1.  It all begins and ends with family.

2.  Always, always help other people when you are given an opportunity to do so.  You never know when you’ll need their help in return.

3.  Time flies, even when you’re not having fun.

4.  If you want an honest answer, ask a boy.

5.  Being a grown-up is not as fun as you think it will be when you’re ten.

6.  You can never take too many pictures.

7.  Childhood friends are forever.

8.  The little details in life don’t matter.  99.9% of our stress is entirely unnecessary.

9.  Keeping yourself busy is important for your sanity.

10.  On the contrary, spending an entire day doing absolutely nothing is just as important sometimes.

11.  Always give with no intentions of receiving.

12.  “Karma has everybody’s address, and a motherf—ing stamp.” – Lady Gaga

13.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  If you don’t love yourself, no one will.

14.  If your credit card is buried in the freezer, you are less likely to make frivolous online purchases at 1AM.

15.  Falling in love with your best friend is just as fun as they say it is.

16.  Fat free cheese is a waste of time.

17.  If you want to be reminded of how beautiful this world truly is, travel.  Often.

18.  Silence gets you nowhere.

19.  You don’t have to win every argument.

20.  A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

21.  Life is short.  Say “I love you” often.

22.  Don’t put something off until tomorrow if it can be done today.  You’ll thank yourself later.

23.  Your job won’t take care of you when you’re sick.  Your family and friends will.  Don’t ever let yourself distance from them.

24.  No matter where you go, you should never forget where you came from.

[Inspired by this article on Thought Catalog.]

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  1. Seriously your pictures on your blog are the most beautiful things in the world. This list made me beyond happy!! I completely agree that fat-free cheese is a waste of time ha. Such great reminders and I am so happy that you have fallen in love with your best friend!

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